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Contact centre speed to answer increases by 27%

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Analyst ContactBabel has revealed that the Average Speed to Answer for contact centres has increased by 27%, from 28.4 seconds to 36.1 seconds.

The findings are part of the fourth edition of The UK Contact Centre HR & Operational Benchmarking Report 2014/15, a study of 215 contact centre operations examining salaries, attrition, recruitment, absence, training operational performance, budgets and growth, with forecasts to 2017.

The report also found that new agent salaries have risen on average to £16,027.

Speaking with Call Centre Helper, the author of the report, Steve Morrell, explained how the growth in email and web chat was having a direct impact with the findings.

“The continued strong growth in both email and webchat, as well as mobile and web-based self-service, means that the remaining agent-customer voice conversation is now on average longer and more complex, requiring different skills and capabilities from agents, which current systems and processes may not yet support,”

“Furthermore, the connected increase in call handling times – now almost five minutes for a service call, and six and a half minutes for a sales call – supports the finding that the voice queue is often under pressure.”

“Twice as many contact centres are planning to increase headcount in 2015 as are expecting a decrease, which suggests that the movement towards self-service has not yet taken the pressure off the voice channel,” he continued. “In part, this will be due to the disconnect across channels found in most businesses, where the customer may have to engage multiple channels repeatedly in order to get a resolution to their query – a case of ‘multichannel’ rather than ‘omnichannel’ – where the final destination for many is still a live voice call.”




IP Integration launches TrustCall

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IP Integration has launched new patented technology, TrustCall On-Demand, designed to assist contact centres initiate secure, seamless call-outs to a cloud payment processing platform.

The Patent for TrustCall On-Demand was granted in April following a two-year pending process, with the technology being compliant with PCI DSS and future regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Speaking to Call Centre Helper, Steve Murray, senior director at Trustcall said: “This is the first true pay-per-transaction model for taking PCI-compliant payments over voice, webchat and SMS, and as such it can significantly lower costs for contact centres.”

“The innovative technology we’ve developed has ensured the grant of this patent; it is ground-breaking, and will improve both efficiency and costs for customers, some of whom are paying large amounts to route all their calls to meet with compliance, when only 10% or 20% actually relate to a payment.”

Joe Prentis, CEO and Founder of IP Integration, said: “It is a constant challenge for contact centres to remain compliant with PCI DSS and other forthcoming regulations and to manage the cost of handling payment-related calls.

“With the launch of TrustCall, we have created a solution that gives them options that will lower their costs without forcing them to compromise on compliance or delivering a great customer experience.”

TrustCall can be embedded into existing CRM systems or used as an independent application.