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How to stay focused when working remotely

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Working remotely or flexibly requires consistent self-motivation to remain focused, maintain productivity and successfully work through our daily or weekly task list.

However, we know that focus and productivity can dip at certain times during working hours, so how can we stop our minds wandering, control our focus and remain productive wherever we work?

Jabra spoke to productivity expert Chris Bailey, for his advice – Click here to read more (PDF): DOWNLOAD

The benefits of homeworking agents and flexible contact centres

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By Jabra

This year has caused a massive shift in where and how we all work, as a direct response to the worldwide disruption caused by the pandemic.

Contact Centres were forced to move their staff to a homeworking model and try to successfully manage agent teams remotely, whilst customer needs grew and became more complex. All of this led to a number of fundamental changes in the working practices and technology stack utilised within contact centres, that required rapid and efficient adoption and deployment.

However, as organisations now start to review their ‘new normal’ business procedures and requirements for the future, Jabra look at the benefits of having homeworking agents and how to manage them.

Click here to read the full article.

CASE STUDY: Jabra Engage 50 and Twilio Flex take customer service at Moneypenny to the next level

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In the latest instalment of our Case Studies series, we look at some of the massive benefits that the Jabra Engage 50 and Twilio Flex has provided Moneypenny, a customer service business that handles 15m calls and chats annually on behalf of clients…

Moneypenny wanted to move from desk phones to softphones using Twilio Flex, an open, cloud-based contact center platform. This would enable integration with other intelligent solutions and be easier and faster to scale.

Alyce Green, Product Owner at Moneypenny, explained: “We strive to deliver the best customer experience, through crystal clear voice conversations at every interaction, so choosing the best headset was vital.”

Jabra Engage 50 became top in testing

Moneypenny tested a range of different headsets to see which solution performed best for enhancing call quality and avoiding interruptions from colleagues, while ensuring seamless integration with Twilio Flex.

Oliver Kelly, Head of Technical Architecture, said: “We chose the
Jabra Engage 50 because of the superior sound and easy integration with Twilio Flex. This headset was also preferred by our receptionists because not only was the sound clearer, but it is also very comfortable, lightweight, and easy to adjust – which is important when you need to wear it for many hours every day.”

The Jabra Engage 50 seamlessly integrates with Twilio Flex

Kelly continued, “The free, open Jabra Software Developer Kit (SDK) works across operating systems, enabling Moneypenny to seamlessly integrate Jabra Engage 50 into our platform, with great support from Jabra. Our receptionists now work on a fully integrated platform powered by superior sound, which improves the experience for both customers and receptionists.”

Customized status lights reduce interruptions

The colored status lights on the Jabra Engage 50 give an overview of the status of the teams for reporting purposes. The status lights are visible on the headset earcup and also display within the Twilio Flex system, and enable the receptionists to easily change their status.

Using the open Jabra SDK, Moneypenny were able to customize the status light colors to meet their business needs.

Sidetone feature reduces noise

The Jabra Engage 50 is being rolled out across the contact center. The teams who are already using the new headset have noticed that their areas of the contact center are noticeably quieter, as the sidetone feature enables the receptionists to clearly hear their own voices, so there is no need to talk more loudly during customer calls. The superior noise cancelling microphone also ensures that customers hear only the receptionist’s voice, loud and clear, with zero background noise.

Enhancing the customer experience

Emily Griffiths, Team Leader, commented: “Our receptionists really enjoy using the new Jabra Engage 50 headsets, and they’re helping to enhance the experience for our clients.”

Future plans

Moneypenny are continuing the roll out of Jabra Engage 50 and Twilio Flex across their UK & US teams. Next steps are to work with Jabra to evaluate some of the Jabra Engage 50 software capabilities, such as background noise measurement and simple speech analytics, to assess how this data could be used to further enhance customer satisfaction.

To download a full version of this Case Study, click below.

Jabra launches PanaCast real-time intelligent video solution

960 640 Stuart O'Brien

Jabra has unveiled a smart Panoramic-4K Plug-and-Play video solution, PanaCast.

Described as a ‘real-time immersive intelligent vision system’, PanaCast offers 180-degree panoramic video, which ensures everyone in the room is seen.

Jabra says PanaCast provides unique value for huddle rooms and spaces, delivering wall-to-wall video, audio and data, which is critical for modern video collaboration.

The solution is compatible with popular cloud-based solutions including Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Slack, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Unify Circuit, BlueJeans and more, so workers can plug-and-play in seconds with their existing collaboration services by simply plugging the device into the computer USB port.

The announcement follows the recent acquisition of Altia Systems.

René Svendsen-Tune, CEO at Jabra, said: “We have always valued the importance of sound and personal interaction in every product within our Jabra portfolio. The introduction of Jabra PanaCast shows our commitment to enable businesses to achieve optimal collaboration and productivity through both sound and video technology. Now is the time to bring remote workers and huddle room participants closer together through the addition of high-quality, plug-and-play video to your huddle rooms.”

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Jabra Engage 50 – Engineered to be the world’s best professional digital corded headset*

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The intelligent headset for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Digital sound for the clearest calls

A unique, 3-microphone system with intelligent noise-cancellation filters out background noiseand breathing sounds, giving callers a superior experience.Stereosound and super wideband give vibrant, lifelike conversations – with the highest levels of hearing protection for agents.

Reduce interruptions and enhance agents’ focus

Multi-colour status lights on both earcups ensure interruptions are kept to a minimum. More than just a busylight, the status lights can be customised1for specific needs. Impressive passive noise-cancellation enhances agents’ focus and concentration.

Live guidance for agents and rich call analytics improve customer experience

The Engage 50 leverages Jabra software2for a smarter way to overcome noise. With live on-screen microphone guidance for agents and rich call analyticsfor the business, the Engage 50 helps deliver better-sounding calls.

Better call control for greater efficiency

The call control unit accessory enables agents to adjust volume levels and mute, speed dial, answer and end calls, as well as update their status lights, at the touch of a button.The control unit is easy to use and designed to stay in place.

Designed for softphone environments

Built for today – ready for tomorrow. Features category-first USB-C for easy connection to PC and mobile devices and with USB-A connectivity available as an accessory.

* See facts on www.jabra.co.uk/commercial-claims

  1. via Jabra SDK
  2. via Jabra Xpress, Jabra Direct and Jabra SDK

URL: www.jabra.co.uk/engage50

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Jabra Engage Series – Boost customer satisfaction with the world’s most powerful professional wireless headsets

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Designed for people who talk and listen for a living and in a range of wearing styles that deliver all-day comfort, Jabra introduce the next generation of professional wireless headsets. Giving you more power for your conversations…

Jabra launches Engage headset brand

960 640 Stuart O'Brien

Jabra has rolled out a new headset brand, promising noise-cancelling microphones, three times user density, new security features and long-range mobility.

The Denmark-based company says Engage is a new class of DECT wireless professional headset, having been designed following research into the challenges facing call-centric businesses.

As such, Jabra say the range is a response to the changing customer journey – it says automation is replacing routine transactional calls. As a result, it is seeing that human interaction is reserved for business-critical calls, such as complex enquiries or complaints, which require the highest standards of call quality to ensure customer satisfaction and effective resolution.

With calls becoming longer in duration s a result, the research highlighted that organisations face a major problem with DECT channel availability, limiting the number of workers in any given space.

However, Jabra claims its Engage solution connects three times as many users in any given space – or ‘density’ – compared to competing technologies, without affecting the call experience in terms of sound quality and range. The system also has a range of up to 150 metres, noise-cancelling microphones and enhanced speakers.

In terms if security, Engage incorporates authentication and encryption functions, along with ‘physical assisted pairing’, which creates a secret link-key between the headset and docking base unit.

Engage is the product of more than 115,000 hours of development by Jabra engineers, in the course of which Jabra registered four new patents.

The range comprises the Engage 65 and 75, with ‘all-day’ battery life and a rapid charging option. Each headset features an integrated busylight that acts as a ‘do-not-disturb’ sign, letting colleagues know that the user is on a call, thereby reducing interruptions.

“With the Engage franchise, we have engineered the industry’s best headset family – one that will have an invaluable impact on call quality, customer satisfaction, employee productivity and security,” said René Svendsen-Tune, CEO at Jabra. “Engage brings benefits to anyone who uses the phone for their work: within almost every business there is a group of employees who spend a significant amount of time on call-based communications, from advisors to sales representatives. All these roles can now take advantage of Engage to make every conversation better at both ends of the line.”

Jabra unveils customer service challenges report…

800 450 Jack Wynn

Surveying an approximate 3,200 ‘customer centric profiles’ in seven countries, a White Paper conducted by headset manufacturer, Jabra, has revealed that 73 per cent of decision-makers in call centric environments are experiencing an increase in the intricacy of customer queries.

The research, which monitored areas including; the value of call-centric workers; complexities surrounding digital transformation and customer service trends; and the factors in the productivity levels of staff members, also found that 55 per cent of consumers are likely to change their minds on purchasing a product due to poor customer service; despite 80 per cent of company bosses claiming that their levels of customer service are ‘superior’.

Read the full White Paper here