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VeriCall is a 100% UK-based call centre that has not only won several awards for delivering exactly the kind of Customer Care that their customers require and deserve but also one that seeks to constantly evolve and improve its offering.

One example is the unique Payments in Social Media solution that allows team members to take totally secure PCI Compliant payments across all social media channels meaning that all business can be conducted on the customer’s platform of choice. Staying consistent throughout the process alleviates a huge source of frustration for the customer and making the process simpler makes doing business simpler too!

VeriCall has assembled a top quality group of ‘Customer Champions’ so that, no matter what business they are representing, their clients know that valued customers always receive the highest  possible standard of service across a wide range of platforms. VeriCall serves businesses through voice, SMS, email, live chat and social media so that no vital conversation is left unresolved – 24/7 and all year round.

The clients that have so far made use of VeriCall’s services are varied across a number of different sectors. They are able to handle enquires on topics including directory enquiries pay TV, financial advisors, travel & tourism, catering, service desk, telecoms, medical insurance and  housing repairs to just name a few! This shows the incredible range that the team is able to handle.

Whatever your industry or contact centre requirements VeriCall can help YOU so why not see why they have just been voted best Contact Center in the recent 2021 Contact Center World Awards by contacting us via our website on or direct to VeriCall’s CEO