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Dynamic FAQs improve customer experience and reduce customer contact

150 150 Stuart O'Brien

By ContactOne

Today’s web users are increasingly relying on the Internet as a prime source of information and are more likely to use FAQ based solutions for answers. On the plus side this trend can be leveraged to reduce the propensity for on-line visitors to contact Agents.

The flip side of this is that the traditional static help centre solutions are not optimised to take advantage of this as customers often need to leave the webpage of interest to find help in the static FAQ section.

1 – Static Help Centre vs Dynamic FAQs

Dynamic FAQs, from ContactOne, address these issues by enabling the users to get the answers they need without leaving the page. The AI predicts users, queries based on contextually mapping web page content. Website visitors are then presented with a list of relevant help articles, without having to leave their current page.

This means that customers get instant answers to their queries without having to use the contact centre, resulting in positive impacts to the customer journey:

  • Site abandonment drops
  • Encourages self-service
  • Contact deflection increases
  • Sales conversion increases
  • Customer satisfaction increases

Our Dynamic FAQs include an intuitive search function based on partial keywords, phonetic matching, managed plurals and extensions with the returned results prioritised based on tags, titles, content and keywords. The self-learning capabilities and can optimise presented FAQs based on volume of page views and article rating. It also helps fill in gaps in the FAQs by reporting missed search terms.

2- Real-Time Widgets

Dynamic FAQs has several real-time widgets and reporting modules to show the usage and effectiveness of the FAQs. For each FAQ Supervisors can see both the total number of visitors to that FAQ, along with how many of those visitors went on to contact the contact centre. This enables FAQ answers to be optimised over time to meet the desired objective whether that’s to promote Contact, in the case of sales, or reduce contact in the case of level 1 support / customer service activities.

ContactOne’s Dynamic FAQ solution can be supplied as part of an integration with our own Omni-Channel contact centre platform, or as a standalone solution for use with existing Webchat, Email and Phone systems.

For more information on how ContactOne can help you encourage your website visitors to self-serve and improve the customer experience with Dynamic FAQs call ContactOne on 0330 880 4444 or visit ContactOne on the web.


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At ContactOne we believe in creating more successful conversations by using true multi-channel / omni-channel engagements that enable business-to-consumer (B2C) organisations to communicate with their customers via the customers’ channel of choice.

Customers want to engage with a contact centre through their media of choice without unnecessary repetition of previous conversation elements…just one conversation across all interactions. Our advanced agent workplace does just that allowing the agent to view the whole, threaded conversation, along with the notes made during each communication. Consistent engagement across all media, along with sophisticated routing and a blended, universal queue makes it easier to upskill agents from a single media to interactions spanning all channels. Our platform includes all major channels including Voice, Email, Webchat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Trustpilot.

Contact centre managers want extensive, real-time information, with scheduled email reporting on daily, weekly and monthly trends. With a wide range of widgets our platform delivers data in a clear digestible format enabling contact centre managers to easily create, and share, real-time analysis wall boards to show information in a way that’s relevant to their business needs

Supervisors need basic information about calls in progress, contact centre / agent performance and real-time agent availability. Our supervisor dashboard widgets show this information and much more. They are optimised for the needs of the contact centre supervisor and, like the analysis widgets, can be combined by the supervisor to show the exact information required. Supervisors can even listen in on agent conversations and assist by whispering to the agent during the conversation if necessary.

Understanding what your customers think is a key element of the modern, B2C contact centre, which is why ContactOne’s Contact Centre platform incorporates both a CSAT module for real-time Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) feedback along with a Monitoring and Engagement module for Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and Review sites such as Trustpilot and FeeFo.

Find out how ContactOne can help you have more successful conversations, contact us via phone 0330 880 4444 or email for a free demonstration of our Contact Centre platform.

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