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IP Integration launches TrustCall

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IP Integration has launched new patented technology, TrustCall On-Demand, designed to assist contact centres initiate secure, seamless call-outs to a cloud payment processing platform.

The Patent for TrustCall On-Demand was granted in April following a two-year pending process, with the technology being compliant with PCI DSS and future regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Speaking to Call Centre Helper, Steve Murray, senior director at Trustcall said: “This is the first true pay-per-transaction model for taking PCI-compliant payments over voice, webchat and SMS, and as such it can significantly lower costs for contact centres.”

“The innovative technology we’ve developed has ensured the grant of this patent; it is ground-breaking, and will improve both efficiency and costs for customers, some of whom are paying large amounts to route all their calls to meet with compliance, when only 10% or 20% actually relate to a payment.”

Joe Prentis, CEO and Founder of IP Integration, said: “It is a constant challenge for contact centres to remain compliant with PCI DSS and other forthcoming regulations and to manage the cost of handling payment-related calls.

“With the launch of TrustCall, we have created a solution that gives them options that will lower their costs without forcing them to compromise on compliance or delivering a great customer experience.”

TrustCall can be embedded into existing CRM systems or used as an independent application.


The People Factor – Download the new report from Kura and Ember Services

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It’s generally agreed that the role of people in a contact centre will increasingly become one of problem-solving; dealing with more complex enquiries and transactions.

But while the overall pattern is accepted, the implications of it for organisations and customer service advisors have not been widely explored.

With this in mind, Kura commissioned Ember Services to produce “The People Factor”, a new report to understand the future nature of work in customer service.

Download a copy of the report summary, and you’ll get a glimpse of the current perception versus reality, the changing nature of customer contact and the future role of the advisor.

You can download it here.

The full report will be available in the coming weeks, if you would like to receive a copy of this, please register your interest here.

Attending the Call Centre and Customer Services Summit this month?  Why not pop by the Inisoft/Kura stand and meet the team?

Inisoft is a dynamic and forward thinking software provider, specialising in contact centre technology.  Our solutions offer the full Omni-Channel experience, allowing your customers to engage on their channel of choice.  We’re owned by Kura, a leading contact centre outsourcer with four locations across the UK; therefore, our technology is designed by real people, with real issues in mind. Kura is in business because we want to help people to develop and reach their full potential.  Our vision is, to one day, be recognised as “Unrivalled in Developing People”.

Meet our team while at this event and learn why together, Inisoft and Kura have the complete solution for today’s ever increasing complex world of customer contact.

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