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Danny Bent, Speaker

“Happiness of Being You”

Listen to Danny’s unique and sometimes unconventional ways to fill your work and home life full of positivity. Packed with stories and emotion, Danny takes us on a rollercoaster ride that leaves each and every audience inspired, empowered and smiling from ear to ear.

  • Finding the positive chink in life
  • Small ideas can lead to the incredible
  • Stop striving as individuals
  • Your smile is a powerful weapon

Lee Russell, Head of Client Solutions at Davies Learning Experiences

“Customer Service is gone, Customer Experience is the Future!”

If we shift our thinking away from providing a service to customer and focus more on creating an experience – what can this achieve for growth?

  • The changing horizons of customer expectations
  • The operational impact of NOT focussing on creating an experience
  • What can a world leading customer experience look like?
  • How can you engage and inspire people to buy into this new way of thinking?
  • What are the benefits? What are the questions you need to be asking yourselves today?

Mark Ackers and Stuart Taylor, Sales Directors at Refract

 “10 ways to coach agent performance improvement, with limited downtime”

You will leave this presentation with actionable tips, tricks, and ideas that you can implement tomorrow to improve agent performance, call quality and call outcomes

  • Actionable tips and tricks
  • How to install a coaching culture
  • Ways to improve agent confidence, competence, and knowledge
  • These tips and tricks will drive the quality of the call and improve call outcomes

Garry Gormley, Owner / Director at FAB Solutions

“How data and language can shape the face of the contact centre”

The contact centre processes so much data on a daily basis but how do we use that data, the sentiment and the intelligence it holds to help shape customer experience?

  • How do you decide what data matters?
  • The growing trends in Speech and text analytics and how to leverage this to grow and retain more business
  • How can using speech analytics usurp traditional VOC programmes?
  • How do we utilise speech and data analytics to help protect customers and anticipate behaviour?
  • Fusing Data and behaviours together to make an all powerful contact centre experience.