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    Workforce optimisation company Aspect Software has announced the availability for its newest chatbot.

    The chatbot, known as Mila, will be available on collaboration and messenger platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace, and aims to provide call centres with automated self service functionality to view schedules, book time off and trade shifts with other employees.

    Mila is designed to streamline the back-end day-to-day, aiming to manage employees rather than deal directly with customers.

    Mobile devices, apps and desktops will be linked through the software, in what is described as a MASA – Mesh App and Service Architecture.

    Mila is already available as a virtual personal assistant for text messaging, but the new integration is hoping to make the software more widely used, as Aspect call it the “natural next step.”

    “Chatbots are becoming an effective and desired means for both consumer and enterprise interaction,” said SVP and GM for workforce optimisation at Aspect, Mike Bourke, “Mila’s integration with Slack gives both in-office and remote employees their own workforce personal assistant right at their fingertips.”

    Collaboration with other departments can offer even more opportunities for contact centres, as Aspect hope that Mila’s self-service functionality can turn the software into a one-stop source for other areas including, training, onboarding and even HR.

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