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  • CallMiner speeds up insight from unsolicited feedback

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    CallMiner has unveiled a CX Solution Pack for enhanced customer experience insights both within and beyond the contact centre.

    The Pack provides a continuous flow of CX insights captured during every engagement. This data, the firm says, informs and directs customer experience professionals and contact centre managers at every point of the customer journey.

    The CX Solution Pack provides customer intelligence from voice conversations, providing greater CX insight to complement and expand upon that gathered from surveys (solicited feedback).

    As such, organisations will benefit from a continuous and more comprehensive measure of customer experience quality and customer loyalty across all customer interactions.

    The CX Solution Pack implemented with CallMiner Eureka is about reducing effort and time to insight by providing a predefined set of analytical content specifically targeted to measuring various aspects of customer experience.

    “The ability to capture the drivers of key CX moments of truth from every contact center conversation enables a new level of customer experience awareness,” said Paul Bernard, CallMiner President and CEO. “The CX Solution Pack provides contact center managers and CX Pros with velocity to CX vision with unsolicited feedback from the voice of your customer as well as how frontline employees represent the brand.”

    The CX Solution Pack was designed to harness data and measurements, as well as accelerate time to insight with a categorization framework designed around best practices in measuring customer experience. It works to correlate unstructured data in conversations including sentiment to customer experience quality.

    In addition, the Pack analyses customer effort and emotion, as well as customer loyalty, retention and likelihood to recommend.

    For more information about the CallMiner Customer Experience Solutions, visit callminer.com/cx.


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