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    Capstone Intelligent Solutions specialise in contact centre optimisation across all channels including managing your workforce. Our solutions are designed to help your contact centres accelerate business impact, deliver consistent outcomes and innovate the customer and agent experience.

    The Challenge

    The technology sector is fast-paced, with many businesses expanding rapidly. Add to that, the complex nature of many technology companies’ product or service and providing customer support in this sector can be a challenge. The biggest challenge the organisations are facing today within the contact centre world is the transition from your ordinary voice channel to a multichannel/omnichannel environment. Managing the customer experience across multiple channels is a key challenge for contact centre managers, and our recent research flagged just how vital this experience is when it comes to converting customer experience into sales.

    Given the number of ways that we use to communicate with one another these days, it’s not all that surprising that we have high expectations when it comes to dealing with companies across multiple channels, be it via instant chat, telephone, email or social media.

    The solution

    We build and support sophisticated communication systems that deliver results for our clients.  By creating fast and effective communications we increase your customer interaction, productivity and business performance. Capstone Intelligent Solutions acts as your single systems integrator.  We provide physical and virtual client support across three continents, meaning you have direct and local contact with a Capstone engineer at all times.

    If you or your organisation are facing any challenges then, please do get in touch for a free consultation with one of our contact centre experts.          


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