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  • Digital Customer Engagement: 2020 buying trends revealed

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    Online Live-Chat Systems, Self Service and VoC Programmes top the list of solutions the UK’s leading digital customer engagement professionals are sourcing in 2020.

    The findings have been revealed following the recent Digital Customer Engagement Summit, where delegates registering to attend the event were been asked which areas they needed to invest in during 2020 and beyond.

    Nearly 50% are looking to invest in Online Live-Chat Systems and Self Service.

    Just behind are VoC Programmes (55.4%), Multichannel Survey Tools (42.9%), Voice Analytics Technology (42.9%) and AI Applications (41.3%).

    % of delegates at the Digital Customer Engagement Summit sourcing certain products & solutions (Top 10):

    Online Live-chat Systems 47.6%
    Self Service 47.6%
    VoC Programmes (voice of the customer) 44.4%
    Multichannel Survey Tools 42.9%
    Voice Analytics Technology 42.9%
    AI Applications 41.3%
    Social Media Monitoring & Mgmt 39.7%
    Text Analytics Software 33.3%
    Predictive Routing Technology 30.2%
    Business Intelligence Solutions 27.0%

    To find out more about the Digital Customer Engagement Summit, which takes place on October 13th, visit https://contactcentresummit.co.uk/digital-customer-engagement-summit.


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