• Driving down customer churn

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    Some of the main reasons for high customer churn are the loss of trust in the company, lack of knowledge by service representatives and a poor customer journey.  It is important for all businesses to know what their areas for improvement are and ensure that they understand their customers full journey when buying from them.

    A customer journey begins long before you know who they are and they know that you have what they need. Their journey will differ from industry to industry and service to service but the stages are the same.  Your customer is going to do over 80% of their decision making before they come onto your radar.  Along their buying journey, they will very likely be in contact with your website, discussion forums, FAQ page, chat line, POS, call centre, after sale care, social team and on and on.

    Customers expect an excellent customer and seamless customer experience.  Are you able to give one?

    At the Call Centre Meet-up, Oracle will be hosting a VIP area dedicated to the Customer Journey.  Along with this area, there will also be the ability to meet with like-minded attendees regarding Commerce, VOIP, Web Chat, Social Marketing, Web Customer Care and Workforce Management.

    Oracle offers a complete, cloud-enabled customer experience (CX) solution; click here to learn how to differentiate your company across all channels.


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