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  • How can working from home impact your customers?

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    Many employees across the country are now working from home, and have been for some time. Transitioning from office to home on the face of it seems like a straight forward task of moving hardware when in fact what we’ve learnt over the passed year is that- one of the biggest mistake’s companies have made is thinking that is actually this straight forward.

    Here’s some helpful tips to optimise your home working..

    • Communication

    The biggest challenge companies have faced during the pandemic is optimising and directing the flow of information. No longer can you pop over to someone’s desk, organise a quick meeting or even overhearing some cross chatter which may be pertinent to you.

    Take Notes: In a situation where people may not be online but would benefit from the information, take notes, write down updates in clear documents so that you can send/e-mail or pass over to whoever takes on the next shift.

    Be Present: During meetings of chatter in the office, it’s easy to drift from one conversation to another whilst working.

    • Transparency

    Having a clear understanding of workflow when changes occur is vital, again this is a lot easier in an office when you’re 2 feet away from each other but understanding a clear and efficient workflow is key to taking care of your customers.

    The On Call Rota System by Ctalk allows you to create templates and rotas which are simple and easy to use. The rota can be changed when needed and send out notifications to your employees to remind them of work patterns.

    • Taking care of yourself

    At first, working from home appeared to give more freedom and autonomy, however it can leave some feeling isolated from their peers. Regular exercise, communication and proactiveness can help and so can looking out for your colleagues. A quick call or message can do wonders for many and keep the flow of communication working.



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