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    By Sabio Group

    Why it’s time to look inwards and unlock the potential of your number one asset in a post-Covid world – your contact centre staff.

    The growth of automation and self-service technology is helping organisations serve their customers in the way they want to engage. But have we stopped to consider the impact this is having on our contact centre agents?

    Instead of handling a mix of interactions throughout a typical day, your contact centre team is being left to field only the more complex, urgent and emotional customer journeys. And this sustained workload is placing huge pressures on your advisors. There’s a real risk that you could be leaving your people behind

    Contact centre agents have the most monitored role that exists. It’s time to turn the tracking of agents into a positive, it’s time to reinstill the human touch. It’s time to really care.

    To find out more, download Sabio’s latest eBook which explains how adopting such a Human Service approach can help unlock the true potential of your #1 asset – your people.


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