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  • Jabra launches Engage headset brand

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    Jabra has rolled out a new headset brand, promising noise-cancelling microphones, three times user density, new security features and long-range mobility.

    The Denmark-based company says Engage is a new class of DECT wireless professional headset, having been designed following research into the challenges facing call-centric businesses.

    As such, Jabra say the range is a response to the changing customer journey – it says automation is replacing routine transactional calls. As a result, it is seeing that human interaction is reserved for business-critical calls, such as complex enquiries or complaints, which require the highest standards of call quality to ensure customer satisfaction and effective resolution.

    With calls becoming longer in duration s a result, the research highlighted that organisations face a major problem with DECT channel availability, limiting the number of workers in any given space.

    However, Jabra claims its Engage solution connects three times as many users in any given space – or ‘density’ – compared to competing technologies, without affecting the call experience in terms of sound quality and range. The system also has a range of up to 150 metres, noise-cancelling microphones and enhanced speakers.

    In terms if security, Engage incorporates authentication and encryption functions, along with ‘physical assisted pairing’, which creates a secret link-key between the headset and docking base unit.

    Engage is the product of more than 115,000 hours of development by Jabra engineers, in the course of which Jabra registered four new patents.

    The range comprises the Engage 65 and 75, with ‘all-day’ battery life and a rapid charging option. Each headset features an integrated busylight that acts as a ‘do-not-disturb’ sign, letting colleagues know that the user is on a call, thereby reducing interruptions.

    “With the Engage franchise, we have engineered the industry’s best headset family – one that will have an invaluable impact on call quality, customer satisfaction, employee productivity and security,” said René Svendsen-Tune, CEO at Jabra. “Engage brings benefits to anyone who uses the phone for their work: within almost every business there is a group of employees who spend a significant amount of time on call-based communications, from advisors to sales representatives. All these roles can now take advantage of Engage to make every conversation better at both ends of the line.”


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