• Mystery callers and how they can help your business

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    The ‘mystery caller’ concept — adapted from the ‘mystery shopper’ — is an effective, but relatively unheralded technique in agent training. With monitors posing as ‘customers’ unbeknownst to staff, a firm can assess levels of service whilst pinpointing any issues within the customer experience with calls as they would be taken, not in the ‘falsity’ of a training session. Top tips include:

    1) Courtesy and tone only go so far. In-depth knowledge is vital — especially as most customers are calling because their problem is more complex than one that could be resolved with a quick internet search. MCs can highlight any areas of specialist knowledge that might be lacking.

    2) MCs can easily test average handling times, but more importantly they can assess how a request is dealt with once a customer gets through to a representative. Research has shown customers are more prepared to wait longer if their issue is resolved properly first time around.

    3) First impressions really do count. Give customers a bad one, and you can be sure they will take their business elsewhere in future. MCs can tell you if your agents (who are usually the customer’s first interaction with an organisation) are giving customers the best impression off the bat.

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