• New app helps call centre workers maintain good voice

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    A team of vocal experts have produced a new app that offers an array of vocal warm-up exercises, helping to strengthen call centre workers’ voices.

    The One Minute Voice WarmUp app is available on both IOS and Android, combining the knowledge and expertise of vocal experts Dr Gillyanne Kayes, Jermey Fisher, Sam Brady and software engineer Garry Brady.

    The app is designed to help prevent the onset of Dysphonia, an impairment of the normal voice production, resulting in anything from a strained voice to total voice loss.

    Specialist speech and language therapist Sam Brady said: “Dysphonia can affect anyone who uses their voice professionally. Our natural instinct is to think this is limited to singers and actors but, in truth, a professional voice user is anyone who relies on their voice directly, or indirectly, to carry out their work.

    “When you think in these terms you quickly realise that the list of professionals that could be affected is far more significant: teachers, public speakers, call centre workers, personal trainers, business coaches, lawyers and so on.”

    The app includes exercises in the form of tutorial videos which can be used in separation or in conjunction with other exercises featured in the app.



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