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  • Millennials are redefining customer service

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    By Merchants

    As the biggest generation and consumer group in the world today, millennials are now the most important influencers in the world of customer service.

    Having grown up with technology at their fingertips, millennials now value efficiency above everything else. Receiving goods/services on time and receiving answers to queries or concerns quickly is one thing, but millennials demand it all be done with their personal preferences in mind as well. Efficiency is being redefined–written in collaboration with Merchants, here’s how.

    Millennials want a personalised service. They want to receive communication from a business directly, but they don’t want to speak to a contact centre agent over the phone. They want communication platforms that provide quick answers, but they want the answers to be definitive. They require customer service that progresses in tandem with modern technology, but that also gives the attention to detail known from customer service in the past. This might seem like a tough task, but with business process management, businesses can offer this kind of efficient service.

    This is why millennials often prefer discussing their personal requests or needs over social media. It offers a quick and simple way to receive answers that are ready and waiting, yet still offers the option of speaking to an agent. According to Salesforce, 20% of millenials don’t receive communication from businesses via text message, which means that not all businesses are capitalising on this current trend. Whether it’s via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or a traditional text message, it’s better to stay in touch with the largest consumer group via platforms that they prefer.

    Providing Effective Customer Service For Millennials is not an impossible task if businesses are backed with the right knowledge, and have a contact centre team trained to provide a top-notch service across multiple platforms; your business will be on its way to providing customer service that keeps millennials coming back.


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