• ‘Smart Machines’ will enter mainstream by 2021, says Gartner

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    Intelligent automated machines are set to become the industry norm, according to boffins.

    IT research specialist, Gartner, believes the application of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing, or ‘smart machines’ will become an increasingly regular sight in the next decade.

    Smart machines are defined by Gartner as technology capable of learning on their own and adapting from their experiences to come up with unanticipated results.

    The growth of less dependent AI will have huge aspects on the industry, and Gartner believes the process will be transformative but disruptive.

    “Smart machines will profoundly change the way work is done,” said Susan Tan, research vice president at Gartner. “From dynamic pricing models and fraud detection, to predictive policing and robotics, smart machines have broad applicability in all industries.”

    Such uses as customer service and advising enterprises could affect contact centres significantly.



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