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Industry Spotlight

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Talkwalker consumer intelligence acceleration platform

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Talkwalker is the #1 Consumer Intelligence Acceleration platform for brands to drive business impact. Recognized by Forrester as a Leader in Consumer Intelligence and Social Listening, the platform combines a multitude of internal and external data sources with AI powered by Blue Silk™ technology, for the most expansive view of consumers.

Talkwalker Activate professional services team can augment, accelerate, or fully service brands’ insights needs to increase their ROI from the Talkwalker platform. With offices around the globe, Talkwalker helps over 2,500 brands to maximize profits with actionable consumer intelligence.


To discover more about Talkwalker, please visit www.talkwalker.com.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Gnatta independent SaaS customer communication

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By Gnatta

Gnatta is an independent SaaS customer communication company, catering for businesses of all sizes interested in maintaining consistently high standards and improving the efficiency and the effectiveness of their customer care.

Our staff have a long history running contact centres. This means that you’re working with people with a deep understanding for the problems you face, and an intuitive solution to help solve them. With full online and offline channel coverage combined with fully customisable automation/AI, our product suite is designed to work with your people, systems, and processes.

We have delivered unified communications and a single customer view to Superdrug, ASOS, OVO Energy, Gymshark and more.

Establishing effective customer care isn’t an easy fix – it’s a journey. Gnatta has a deep understanding of the changing and complex nature of modern communications and is set up to be a practical, long term partner.

If you’re interested in adding a truly holistic communication solution to your customer journey, get in touch for a no-commitment demo today.

Find out more at https://gnatta.com.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: EveryCloud Open Communications Platform

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Transform your business with 8×8’s pioneering, cloud-based Open Communications Platform, in partnership with EveryCloud.

Unleash your people’s talent, maximise mobility and delight your customers from anywhere – with voice, meetings, chat, analytics and even full omnichannel contact centre, all on one dynamic platform that’s tailored to your needs. Talk to EveryCloud now to futureproof your CX and your business.

Click here to learn more about us.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Infobip global cloud communications

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Infobip is a global cloud communications platform that enables businesses to build connected customer experiences across all stages of the customer journey at scale, with easy and contextualized interactions over customers’ preferred channels.

Accessed through a single platform, Infobip’s omnichannel engagement, identity, user authentication, security and contact center solutions help clients and partners overcome the complexity of consumer communications, grow their business and increase loyalty– all in a fast, secure and reliable way.


INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Altitude Software omnichannel solutions

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Altitude Software is a global provider of omnichannel solutions that unify all customer interactions whilst providing an exceptional customer and agent experience.

Altitude Xperience is a complete omnichannel cloud contact centre service that powers more effective and efficient multimedia communication between your organisation and your customers, and is applicable to all industries who focus on customer excellence, including: Business Process Outsourcers, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail and others.
Altitude solutions have been included within Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for the sector since 2004. Altitude has ten offices across four continents, a network of 100 solid partnerships, and ISO 9001 certification for outstanding international support.
Major customers include DFS, Ventrica, G4S, Teleperformance, Transcom, Sitel, Allianz and BBVA, . Partners of reference include Altice Group, KIVA, Comways, Warpcom and Xseed.



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At ContactOne we believe in creating more successful conversations by using true multi-channel / omni-channel engagements that enable business-to-consumer (B2C) organisations to communicate with their customers via the customers’ channel of choice.

Customers want to engage with a contact centre through their media of choice without unnecessary repetition of previous conversation elements…just one conversation across all interactions. Our advanced agent workplace does just that allowing the agent to view the whole, threaded conversation, along with the notes made during each communication. Consistent engagement across all media, along with sophisticated routing and a blended, universal queue makes it easier to upskill agents from a single media to interactions spanning all channels. Our platform includes all major channels including Voice, Email, Webchat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Trustpilot.

Contact centre managers want extensive, real-time information, with scheduled email reporting on daily, weekly and monthly trends. With a wide range of widgets our platform delivers data in a clear digestible format enabling contact centre managers to easily create, and share, real-time analysis wall boards to show information in a way that’s relevant to their business needs

Supervisors need basic information about calls in progress, contact centre / agent performance and real-time agent availability. Our supervisor dashboard widgets show this information and much more. They are optimised for the needs of the contact centre supervisor and, like the analysis widgets, can be combined by the supervisor to show the exact information required. Supervisors can even listen in on agent conversations and assist by whispering to the agent during the conversation if necessary.

Understanding what your customers think is a key element of the modern, B2C contact centre, which is why ContactOne’s Contact Centre platform incorporates both a CSAT module for real-time Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) feedback along with a Monitoring and Engagement module for Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and Review sites such as Trustpilot and FeeFo.

Find out how ContactOne can help you have more successful conversations, contact us via phone 0330 880 4444 or email info@contactone.net for a free demonstration of our Contact Centre platform.

Company Website: https://contactone.net


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Fusion’s plug ‘n’ play application SmartScribe® shines a light in minutes on your customer interactions. Find out how.

SmartScribe® from Fusion.

Switch the lights on in minutes and learn what’s really going on between your agents and your customers. SmartScribe® is easy to deploy and brings relevant analytics from the get-go.

Use your call and screen recordings to capture insight into your compliance, quality monitoring, customer service and agent performance.

The Smart Approach

Contact Centres have a number uses for transcription, speech analytics and screen recording. But what are the most popular ones?

  1. Redaction: In our GDPR age and with PCI regulations tightening, ensuring your call recordings are compliant with both is important. A tool like SmartScribe® removes sensitive information from the call transcription and the recording, leaving your Contact Centre free to store call recordings without breaching regulations.

  2.  Automating Compliance: Agents are typically required to deliver statements, or ask questions, to ensure the company complies with external regulations, internal standards and reporting. Using speech analytics means you can check compliance on every call and help you provide targeted training where needed. 

  3. CX and Agent Performance: Truly understanding customer trends across each interaction is becoming ever more important with the focus on Customer Experience. Using automation tools like SmartScribe®, companies are monitoring all of their calls, building a much fairer understanding of agent’s performance.

The three key questions

These questions cover topics which have prevented companies adopting this technology in the past.

How does it work? SmartScribe® will take your voice, chat and email records and automatically check them for compliance using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. Seeing is believing.

How much does it cost? Much less than it did just a year ago. In fact, the cost barrier to entry has been lowered to such an extent that even small contact centres of just 10 seats can afford to play. 

How much effort does it require? Things have changed… It used to take 3 to 6 months of typing in keywords and teaching the system what you want to know. With SmartScribe’s intelligent processing you can gain insight with practically no heavy lifting at all. 

SmartScribe® is a Leader

Considering the increasing variety of benefits, easy adoption and lowering price, more and more contact centres are bringing automated analytics into their technology stack. 

Here at Fusion we are leading with advances in accuracy and AI through SmartScribe®, helping companies stay compliant, improve efficiency and lower cost.


CASE STUDY: Blackpool Costal Housing Leadership Programme

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Like most organisations Blackpool Housing found themselves with a group of 30 mid-level managers of varying experience and styles.

The organisation had not formally invested in developing the leadership skills of this group prior to the programme and selected Ember as its preferred supplier.

Click here to read more.

Industry Spotlight: Fusion Contact Centre – Ultimate Unified Desktop

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Fusion’s agent-inspired unified desktop blends inbound & outbound contact over any channel, and finally at an affordable price.

Introducing Fusion “Contact Centre” 

Fusion Contact Centre is built by agents for agents, which is why it is so easy to use allowing your agents to provide an outstanding customer experience to your clients.

Fusion Contact Centre unifies all communication channels, such as voice, e-mail, sms, social media and webchat, along with CRM and other databases into a single user interface for your agents.

The Customer Perspective

Let’s face it, when a customer wants to get in touch with your business, they don’t think about what “channel” of contact they’re going to use. 

As 85% of the UK population either own, or have access to, a smart phone todays customer has the freedom to select whichever method of contact is convenient for them. “Switching channels” for the consumer from a call to SMS to email to live chat is a breeze. 

The smartphone has brought multiple channels of communication together into a single device, and UK contact centres are struggling to catch up. 

On top of this, a recent study conducted by Microsoft found that 37% of UK residents ranked “having to repeat or provide information multiple times”as the most frustrating aspect of a poor customer experience. 

The Contact Centre Perspective

As businesses we like to keep things separate, because it makes logical sense doesn’t it? We need to report upon KPI’s, monitor contact levels and forecast for scheduling.

Also, contact centres have been bolting on software to help communicate over multiple channels, without doing so with a view to the entire customer journey. 

And beyond different communication channels, did you know that in a typical contact centre 15% of an agents time is spent looking for information across disparate systems?

The need to toggle between multiple programs puts the agent at a disadvantage when trying to answer customer queries in a timely and efficient manner.

Fusion Contact Centre – Unified Agent Desktop

Fusion Contact Centre is built by agents for agents, which is why it is so easy to use allowing your agents to provide an outstanding customer experience to your clients.

Fusion Contact Centre unifies all communication channels, such as voice, e-mail, sms, social media and webchat, along with CRM and other databases into a single user interface for your agents.

Our Unified Agent Desktop (UAD) turns multi-channel interactions into seamless conversations, and your agents are presented with a full history of contact as well as access to other internal company data from the same UI, speeding up AHT, reducing error and improving your customers experience … all from a system designed by agents for agents. 

Phone: 03333 660 560

Email: hello@fusion-telecom.co.uk

Web: www.fusion-telecom.co.uk


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Fusion’s simple phone payment technology captures the small and medium contact centre market.

The Threat

Contact Centres taking telephone payments are under threat as Card Not Present (CNP) transactions become the main target for card criminals, as recognised in the latest PCI Security Standards Council guidance released in November last year.

Introduction of the GDPR alongside the Data Protection Act 2018 means that the protection of your customers payment data may not be a mandatory requirement, but a legal requirement instead, which could leave a Company’s Director having personal liability.

Companies small and large, question how they secure payment card data and comply with the PCI Data Security Standard considering;

  • In 2018, every day UK businesses suffered on average 633 attempts to breach their network. [The Times]
  • 42% of UK businesses suffered a breach in the past 12 months. [Source: UK government]
  • 70% of organisations believe their security risk increased significantly last year. [Ponemon Institute]


Key solution providers have focussed on larger contact centres, but Fusion Telecom has broken ranks and has targeted small to medium contact centres, typically having 5 to 500 seats.

Creating a product of such simplicity that agents don’t even need training to take a card payment, and rather than relying on the fear of non-compliance they have built in an added-value feature set, such as call dispositioning, recurring payments, refund administration and call transfer.

Easy Adoption

Removing the barriers to entry, Fusion’s approach provides several options to adopt its award-winning payments technology, so you don’t have to replace your Payment Service Provider or Telephone System.

For small companies that want one provider responsible for multiple solutions, Fusion can supply the whole stack, from telephony, unified desktop, compliant payments, payment gateway and even merchant acquiring services.

Managing Director, Adam Norsworthy, was asked why Fusion has focussed on simplicity and smaller contact centres.

“We see a significant opportunity helping smaller companies be compliant, as they are targeted increasingly every year by criminals, and they often lack the dedicated resource contact centres with 500+ agents have to be secure”.

“Smaller companies can offer a more personalised service, but they are subject to the same laws and standards as their larger counter-parts, and to compete should have access to the same technology at an affordable price.”

Click here to get in touch with Adam and Fusion to take a look under the cover of their new payment technology.