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    As a result of the Eckoh ‘Brick Wall Index’ study, the telecom group, TalkTalk, has been voted the UK’s ‘worst customer offender’, with Expedia coming in second and TV Licensing third.

    The Index, which is based on independent analysis carried out by PleasePress1.com, uncovers which call centre menus create the highest level of dissatisfaction; centred around ‘tens of thousands of visits’ to ‘independently compiled maps’ of call centre menus hosted on the site.

    Understandably, TalkTalk has spoken out against the Index’s conclusion, as a spokesperson said to ISPreview.co.uk: “We always strive to give customers the best experience possible. The survey contradicts independent complaints data, and our internal data shows levels of customer satisfaction have increased in recent months. We’re also the first UK company outside of the banking sector to replace passwords with voice biometrics, which has significantly reduced the length of time it takes for customers to be put through to a customer services advisor. Nevertheless, we are determined to provide our customers the best possible experience and understand we can always do more.”

    The top ten list of ‘worst offenders’ is as follows:

    1. TalkTalk
    2. Expedia
    3. TV Licensing
    4. Sainsbury’s
    5. Royal and Sun Alliance
    6. Flybe
    7. Ryanair
    8. British Airways
    9. EasyJet
    10. Privilege

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