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  • The benefits of introducing bots into your business 

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    By Woven

    We live in a fascinating period where almost every day technology is becoming a more significant enabler in our lives. In business, the emergence of the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation (or as we now progressively know them, Bots or Virtual Agents) has created the scope to provide a level of service that simply wasn’t possible previously. Alongside that there is also a much sharper focus on the implications of failing to offer great service. 

    So, what is a bot and why do I need one? 

    Bots in the context of customer service are effectively software programs which simulate human conversations across either voice or text. 

    Bots have huge natural advantages: 

    • They work 24/7/365 providing instant customer support 
    • Increase first contact resolution with automated responses 
    • Reduce service costs and increase efficiency 
    • Improves customer experience  
    • Provides an automated feedback survey to produce insights  
    • Real-time content management    

    Do you want to create personalised and dedicated customer experiences?  

    Then you need a trusted outsourcing partner! Woven’s bespoke technology integrates seamlessly into your legacy systems with ease and speed.  

    Contact us today to see how we can help your business 0333 103 7337 / hello@wearewoven.com.


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