• Tories warned over Neath call centre election use

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    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has warned the Conservative party over the use of scripts during the general election campaign.

    The ICO has said that small parts of the script used crossed the line into unlawful direct marketing.

    However, the ICO have stopped short of taking any further action, and are waiting for the Conservative party to comment.

    A blog on the ICO’s website confirmed the findings, stating: “We’ve found that two small sections of the written scripts used by those making the calls crossed the line from legitimate market research to unlawful direct marketing,” before adding: “We’ve warned the Conservative Party to get it right next time.”

    The blog also goes on to say: “We’ve stopped short of formal regulatory action because the overall campaign was genuine market research.

    “The two sections we had concerns about were not enough to trigger formal enforcement action when considered along with the campaign as a whole.

    “In addition, the results of the survey were not saved against any individual so they could not be targeted for future marketing.”

    The Conservative Party initially denied it broke electoral law by using the Blue Telecoms call centre, after an undercover Channel 4 News report claimed workers may have been carrying out paid canvassing.

    Police are still carrying out investigations into the claims.


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