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  • Workbooks CRM joins forces with KTN

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    Customer support company Workbooks CRM has partnered with cross-sector collaboration company Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN).

    KTN previously developed their own system to track data, but has turned to Workbooks as an updated, cloud based solution that offers to provide a ‘360 view’ of customers and accessible information.

    Described as ‘the UK’s innovation network’ and part of Innovate UK, KTN hopes the new collaboration will help the company gain visibility into its operations, improve efficiency and help reporting capabilities.

    “It is important for us not just to track the relationship between KTN and the businesses we help,” said Chris Warkup, CEO at KTN. “It is also vital for us to be able to track the development of relationships between the third-party businesses, academics and investors between whom we make introductions – and ultimately to report on the outcomes.”

    Workbooks’ solution offered KTN the ability to work directly with the CRM company instead of working through a reseller or other partner, and was encouraged by the company’s inventiveness, especially as a UK based company.

    “We are very proud to be selected by such a prestigious organisation, especially after such a thorough selection process,” said John Cheney, CEO at Workbooks.

    “While relationship management is at the core of any good CRM system, Workbooks offers customers the unique ability to define custom relationships between People and Organisations, allowing organisations like KTN to build a network that accurately reflects the complex ecosystem they are working with”


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