• Zoom touts AI benefits for contact centres

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    Zoom has announced new AI Companion capabilities that it says will help improve connection, productivity, and collaboration across the platform, with specific benefits for contact centres and agents.

    Along with additional enhancements across Zoom Team Chat, Zoom Whiteboard, and Zoom Meetings, Zoom AI Companion, the company’s generative AI assistant that is included at no additional cost, can now help administrators track AI usage and adoption, and contact centers agents improve interactions with customers.

    To help streamline the usage and adoption of AI Companion across an organisation, Zoom is introducing an analytics dashboard to help owners and admins gain a better understanding of how AI Companion is being used across their organisation and if more support is needed.

    Zoom says AI has become a critical ingredient for many successful contact centres: AI Companion for Contact Center can now summarise customer chats and conversations to enable better agent understanding and smoother hand-offs, generate post-call tasks for follow-up, and support speech analytics and live sentiment.

    In terms of productivity the AI Companion also offers agents:

    • Team Chat: When using Team Chat, AI Companion will detect intent to schedule a meeting and will generate a pop-up that, when clicked, opens a calendar invite pre-filled with attendees, as well as date and time information for users, all based on the message’s content.
    • Whiteboard: Users now have the ability to create mind maps within Zoom Whiteboard using AI Companion to help visually organise thoughts that stem from a central idea based on user prompts.

    AI Companion will also use attendees’ gender pronouns from their Zoom profile when generating Meeting Summaries to help meeting participants feel seen and acknowledged.

    “AI Companion has generated over 5 million meeting summaries since we launched it in September 2023,” said Mahesh Ram, head of AI at Zoom. “We are focused on building AI capabilities that support collaboration, connection, and productivity, and empower users to do their best work. By continuing to launch new features for AI Companion, including an analytics dashboard and AI Companion for Zoom Contact Center, our aim is to help more people feel supported and enabled to build connections together.”


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