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  • 3 tips for contact centres in 2024

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    It’s no secret that customers want to use their preferred platforms when communicating with customer service professionals, as well as being given a personalised experience when doing so. This is why contact centres are massively important from a strategic perspective, and particularly, contact centres that operate efficiently.

    With this in mind, Rob Mead, Head of Strategic Marketing at Gnatta, is sharing three tips for contact centres in 2024…

    1. Lean into the shift towards greater flexibility 

    Like most other industries, customer service can benefit from providing staff with flexibility. But while some businesses might still be reluctant to introduce a flexible working style into their contact centres, there are ways to create a mutually beneficial way of working that offers the work-life balance that employees are looking for while maintaining effective operations. In 2024, contact centre managers should begin to take advantage of technology that supports flexible working. From self-service shift changing to WFM software offering valuable insights on productivity, using these tools and technologies can help you keep employee satisfaction high without compromising on customer service.

    2. Embrace generative AI

    Artificial intelligence is growing and learning at a rapid pace, meaning it can bring more predictive and personalised customer service. Embracing this technology now will help contact centres learn alongside it and gain a better understanding of how it works. The more that contact centres work with generative AI, the more intelligence it can bring to your style of customer support. While we don’t see it replacing physical agents, it’s difficult not to see the major benefits it can have on efficiency and productivity.

    3. Replace ticket-based systems with interaction-based customer service

    The inefficiency and lack of personalisation that come with ticketed customer support become more apparent as more and more contact centres switch to an interaction-based model. We recommend switching to interaction-based customer service because this allows agents to pull up customer information and past exchanges quickly and easily, making support much more efficient overall.

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