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  • 5 Minutes With… Kevin Morley, Crown Commercial Services

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    In the latest of our ongoing series of interviews with leading customer care professionals, we sat down with Kevin Morley, Deputy Director at Customer Service at Crown Commercial Services, to talk about industry trends, challenges and careers advice…

    Tell us a little bit about your career to date and what your current professional focus is?

    31 years in the public and private sector. Operations delivery, leadership and strategic roles. Current focus is on moving from a customer service delivery service to customer fulfilment.

    What do you believe are the benefits of attending the Call Centre & Customer Service Summit?

    Hearing what other organisations are doing and how we can apply this.

    If you had not taken the career route to become a call centre / customer service professional, what would you be doing right now?

    I never did! I have delivered this on the back of delivering organisation remodelling, but fell in love with customer service.

    What topics do you believe will be trending within this industry over the next 6 months?

    Employee experience, automation and personalisation.

    What are the biggest challenges facing this industry right now?

    Attrition, poor digitisation, overly complicated service models – customer service is what it has always been.

    And what are the biggest opportunities?

    Reverse the above.

    What has been the highlight of your career so far?

    In the last three years I have developed a Customer Service Centre from scratch, transforming how we deliver customer service, building a service fit for the future and achieving a NPS score increase from -36 to +60 while delivering these changes.

    What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

    Rise above the detail and the issues, get your strategy right and keep going.

    And what advice would you give someone looking to forge a career in this industry?

    Learn from those around you. There is lots of advice, pick the best bits and be better than al of us as a result.

    Kevin will being hosting a Seminar Session, “Employee engagement and retention in the call centre environment”, at the upcoming Call Centre & Customer Services Summit.

    Staff and skills retention is an ongoing issue in the call centre environment. So, what can we do to ensure we get the most out of our people and we retain their skills where possible? Kegvin will look at:-

    • What really motivates our people in 2019?
    • What can we learn from the very best organisations?
    • What are the keys to performance?
    • Tools for contact centre mangers

    Find out about our other speakers here.


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