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    The leading provider of customer engagement analytics and speech solutions, CallMiner, has introduced a selection of substantial developments to its CallMiner Eureka speech-to-text recognition platform; claiming to deliver up to 80-90 per cent word recognition accuracy.

    The upgraded service will also allow an improved performance for low fidelity call recordings; in addition of up to 10 times real-time processing speed and a support service in over 20 languages and dialects.

    VP, Marketing at CallMiner, Scott Kendrick, told eConnect: “With the wide adoption of voice interfaces and the expanding use of machine learning, there has been substantial improvement in speech recognition technology. CallMiner is taking advantage of these advancements to provide a better speech analytics platform for our customers and partners. The more accurate the speech to text transcription, the less work for our users to analyse their data; meaning faster time to intelligence, action, and business improvement, driving ROI.”

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