• Customer service centres need to extend working hours

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    As the working day for those in customer service continues to evolve, a report by CallCare has identified some of the big changes the industry is set to face.

    Contact centres need to be prepared to deal with customers both earlier and later than previous years, according to the report, which showed an increase in calls starting from 7am onwards. There has also been a 45 per cent increase in calls made between 6-8pm.

    Although accepting that many customers find automated systems the least enjoyable experience with customer service, the article believes AI will continue to grow in popularity as it becomes an increasingly efficient and cost-effective system.

    Relying too heavy on the service, however, would ‘detract from the effectiveness’ of customer service, according to CallCare, and should still be used sparingly to gain the best results.

    Saturday is becoming ‘an extension of the working week’, according to CallCare, as the study shows a 60 per cent increase in Saturday callers compared to data from 2014.

    The company believes this is due to growth in customer convenience, as callers expect contact centres to go the extra mile to cater to their individual needs.

    “People are no longer fitting their lives around business’ standard trading hours; they are now expecting companies to fit around the schedules of their customers,” said Gemma Harding, head of corporate services at CallCare. “It’s in your best interest for your customer service to be as flexible as possible.”


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