• ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Kura’s 7 steps to success in customer service

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    It’s generally agreed that the role of people in a contact centre will increasingly become one of problem-solving; dealing with more complex enquiries and transactions.

    But while the overall pattern is accepted, the implications of it for organisations and customer service advisors have not been widely explored.

    With this in mind, Kura commissioned Ember Services to produce “The People Factor”, a new report to understand the future nature of work in customer service.

    In a recent webinar, Kura’s Director of Commercial, Arceeb Moughal and Ember Service’s Director, Mike Havard, shared the outcome of this report.

    Watch this On-Demand Webinar recording here, and you’ll learn the seven steps identified that all organisations need to adopt in order to prepare for the changing nature of work in customer service.

    You’ll also learn about our own hard-earned experience of empowering advisors and creating a culture of shared independence.


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