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  • WEBINAR REWIND: Staff wellbeing and engagement in your contact centre: Why your business success depends on it

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    Don’t worry if you missed MaxContact’s recent webinar about why improving staff wellbeing and engagement is more important than ever to ensure business success in your contact centre – you can now watch the entire session on-demand.

    With 72%* of contact centre workers saying they are burnt out or facing burnout, and the ‘great resignation’ hitting the UK contact centre industry hard, how do you look after your employee’s wellbeing, keep them engaged with your business and drive business results?

    The panel discusses:

    • Why staff wellbeing matters to your business
    • How to engage staff to improve retention rates and hit targets and KPIs
    • Key wellbeing and engagement initiatives to implement in your business now
    • Live audience Q&A

    About the speakers:

    Natalie Calvert: CX and EX executive coach, Natalie Calvert, has led over 100 customer and employee experience transformations across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA. Natalie helps transform business culture, with her proven track record having impacted over 200,000 employees globally.

    Sean McIver: With over 15 years experience in various roles and industries within the contact centre industry, from the front lines to looking after teams and systems, Sean has a wealth of industry knowledge. Now a Product Owner at MaxContact, Sean focuses on delivering the vision and objectives of MaxContact’s customer engagement platform, ensuring the customer voice is at the heart of every decision.

    Click Here To Watch

    *Independent research of 750 customer facing workers conducted in November 2021 by MaxContact.


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