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  • Embrace remote working and save billions, suggests new report

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    Sudden cold snaps risk billions to the British economy, but the solution could be closer to home, according to a report by 8×8.

    Transport issues and availability in cold weather can affect quarterly economic earnings by around £2.5 billion, but 63 per cent of employees aren’t comfortable to suggest working from home, and 37 per cent claim their business refuses employees the ability to work from home.

    However, according to the study, travelling into work in the cold resulted in almost a quarter of those surveyed admitting that they were less productive in the day, with 13 per cent admitting to resenting management.

    Response from those allowed to work remotely resulted in workers being less tired and able to balance their work/home life more effectively.

    8×8 believes it could be as simple as companies trusting their employees outside of the office and claims that it has become much more straightforward with the incorporation of cloud software.

    “It’s clear that when trusted to make their own decisions about remote working, staff are more loyal, happier and ultimately more productive,” explained Kevin Scott-Cowell, UK MD of 8×8, “With the right technology in place, remote working can be a seamless experience that makes sure it’s business as usual for customers, whatever the weather.”


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