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    i2x is a real-time speech analytics and communication coaching solution for your sales or support team.

    Powered by artificial intelligence, i2x aims to optimize all customer conversations on the phone, leading to improved customer satisfaction, skilled agents and higher sales.

    Agents in sales are often the single point of personal contact for customers and therefore, the face of the company. An effective and pleasant conversation on the phone is fundamental to the company’s success, as this is usually the moment the customer makes a purchasing decision or resolves an issue with the firm. As a result, the moment agents talk to customers is a stress-test for the customer-company relationship and has an effect on the future direction of this relationship.

    This is why i2x coaches agents in every call to improve their conversations by implementing best practices and encouraging learning. For managers, i2x is a solution that takes advantage of customer interaction data to accelerate skill development, identify data-backed best-practices and ensure high quality customer experiences. To do this, i2x records, transcribes, analyzes and coaches agents during every call and provides managers with an overview from which they can see the effect of and test new communication strategies over time. Agents benefit from i2x’s real-time coaching capabilities and the in-call information, guidance and actionable advice it provides.

    i2x has helped agents conquer their learning curves, teams to  improve crucial KPIs and firms to strengthen their customer relationships. Within the next few years, AI coaches and speech analytics solutions will become integral for most organizations’ success, i2x is building one of the very first ones!

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