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  • Ireland’s Permanent TSB tackles employee and customer experience

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    Irish bank Permanent TSB has selected Medallia to deliver its Voice of the Customer (VoC) and employee experience programmes, representing a continuation of their four-year partnership.

    Medallia’s enterprise experience platform will support the retail bank in further embedding customer and employee engagement initiatives to promote organisational change through the power of positive experiences.

    Permanent TSB (PTSB) has been supporting communities in the Republic of Ireland for over 200 years, with 3,000 employees serving more than 1.2 million customers. The bank says it’s constantly striving to improve its customers’ financial wellbeing, attract and retain talent, and enhance the bank’s trustworthiness with all stakeholders. Central to this is actively evolving company culture, improving its customer and employee experience in tandem.

    PTSB initially selected Medallia to reimagine its customer experience strategy in 2019, recognising the need for a more robust strategy to fully understand customer pain points. A year later PTSB chose Medallia to deliver its new employee experience programme, ‘Every Voice Counts.’

    At a time of turbulence in the Irish financial market and pandemic-induced societal change, PTSB realised that a fresh approach to how employee experience data was collected, understood, and actioned would allow it to better support employees through all stages of their journey.

    “Permanent TSB’s purpose is to build trust with our customers – we are a community serving the community. We have a responsibility to understand the sentiment and feedback our customers share with us, and take meaningful actions to improve our customer experience. Having the ability to quickly identify pain-points through our customer’s feedback and prioritise improvements to remove friction for them has been transformational,” said Sarah Cashman, Customer Experience Manager at PTSB. “Customer experience is the golden thread that weaves through the entire organization. Team members at all levels of the organization are now looking at the same dashboards – from customer-facing teams to senior leaders, drawing on the insights in weekly ‘Customer Experience Task Force’ meetings. We are excited to see where our partnership takes us next.”

    With Medallia powering PTSB’s employee experience programme, all employee engagement metrics are trending upwards. Between 2020 and 2022, employee net promoter scores (eNPS) have increased by 19 points, culture by eight, engagement by seven and trust by 10. The organisation has taken action on more than 1,000 positive changes based on employee feedback, all of which have contributed to the bank’s strategic priorities and sense of community. With the help of Medallia, PTSB is now expanding its employee listening to new touchpoints, such as onboarding, to further enhance its Every Voice Counts program. This continues to play a central role in improving the bank’s culture proposition, DEI initiatives, recognition, belonging and wellbeing strategies.

    Medallia was able to conduct linkage analysis on PTSB’s data to uncover a strong connection between engaged employees and customer satisfaction. Notably, it showed a 30-point difference in customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) between branches with lower employee engagement and higher employee engagement.

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