• New Inisoft research reinforces importance of call centre agents

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    A survey of more than 2,000 consumers conducted by Inisoft has revealed that contact centres staffed by agents who were unable to make decisions rated poorly compared to contact centres that can automate processes.

    It also showed that 75% of consumers polled said receiving an apology was important to them, and one of their biggest frustrations was having to repeat themselves to multiple people.

    It seems that now more than ever, people are the most important asset in the contact centre, despite the fact technology has advanced to the point that most simple issues can be resolved digitally, without an employee’s involvement.

    However, this means that when a customer does need to speak with an agent, issues are highly complex, and customers are often more frustrated than ever.  Agents, therefore, need to be able to handle these complex interactions with a degree of empathy and empowerment.

    To download your copy of the infographic click here.

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