• Personalised customer service is becoming industry standard, says new research

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    Customer service is becoming more proactive and personal as brands strive to connect and engage with their clients, according to new study.

    The research was carried out by the VoiceSage, as it looked to identify how firms are personalising their services, integrating methods like text messaging and automated voices alongside more traditional communication channels.

    A notable majority of 87 per cent believe that proactive services has the possibility of saving companies millions of pounds year on year by retaining customer bases.

    Over three quarters of organisations surveyed admitted to mapping the customer journey or working on company functionality as many businesses address that a custom user experience is becoming the dominant factor for clients.

    56 per cent of firms already deploy fully-integrated information and contact routing systems, while a further 18 per cent are developing streamlined systems.

    While over half of respondents use text messaging services, 53 per cent of firms that don’t currently integrate SMS believe that the service would be effective for the business if they used it.

    VoiceSage CEO James J Kett believes the survey shows a willingness to embrace personalisation, and believes that the way forward in the industry is through alternative communication methods to reach as many people as easily as possible, especially as more and more people turn to text messaging and social media usage.

    “They are a proven means of allowing contact specialists to handle more calls more easily and more cost effectively,” explained Mr Kett, identifying the importance of embracing new technologies, “all of which is much better for the business and the customer.”


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