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  • NICE release special home working solution in response to COVID-19

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    By NICE inContact

    We live in a world where the only constant is change.  As we experience together the COVID 19 global pandemic and its impacts on our daily lives, the necessity of being able to adapt is very clear. In addition to the massive strains on the healthcare systems around the globe, the business world we live in is also severely impacted.  With the disruption of supply chains resulting in shortages of goods, to the current and impending layoffs of employees around the globe, the world we live in is changing at a faster pace that anyone could expect. This makes the Financial Crisis of 2009 look minor in comparison, as people are concerned about both their financial and physical well-being.

    These changes hold true for contact centers given the critical role they play in business. As the front line to customers, they too need to adjust to our new reality.  Customer demands on agents are higher than ever but the safety of the contact center agents is also critical given the nature of the crisis.  How does one balance customer demands with the new reality of “social distancing”?  The roles of governments also come into play where some have restricted or eliminated freedom of movement which causes agents to be unable to get to the office. This results in businesses not being able to provide the services and support that customers expect.  Lost revenues and customers, and potentially the total closure of the business itself are inevitable for those without a plan to quickly adjust to this new reality.

    Some businesses failed to have strong business continuity plans, but there are others that were preparing for any eventuality.  This includes preparing their contact center agents to work from home leveraging a cloud based technology.  Understanding how to manage the human resource elements from hiring to performance management is also a critical part of the plan.  Here are just a few best practices you should focus on when moving your contact center agents to work from home.

    NICE inContact are offering CXone@home to help companies transition in 48 hours their contact center agents to a home-based work environment, at no cost for 45 days.

    Choose the Right Cloud Solution
    A full suite of AI and Analytics driven applications from compliance, workforce and performance management to automation.

    Equip Workers with the Tools They Need to Succeed
    Remote contact center workers and supervisors need the same access to applications and tools as they do when in the office.

    Ensure You Transition the Right Existing People to be Remote Agents
    Employees need to be self-motivated, resourceful, mindful of the importance of confidentiality (with customer data) as well as technically oriented.

    Make Experts Readily Available
    Employees need ready access to the companies knowledge bank of information in real time.  This should include things like attended robotic process automation.

    Utilize Tools and Reporting to Track Agent Activity, Goals, and Metrics
    Allow managers to effectively monitor teams remotely through things like call monitoring and recording as we as deliver effective performance management.

    Optimize Skill Development with Distance and AI Driven Personalized Learning
    Using distance learning or eLearning technologies to certify agents on new campaigns or products.

    The crisis we are now facing should cause many of those in the contact center industry to rethink the way they do business.  Now is the time to move your contact center to the cloud to weather the storm we are currently in and be ready for those yet to come because we will always live in a world of constant change.

    Learn more about CXone@home here. https://get.niceincontact.com/cxoneathome


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