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  • Pipkins releases mobile workforce management app, SwiftPik for iOS

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    Mobile WFM functionality, including advanced time clocks for on and offline work, bidirectional alerts and messaging, schedule management and absence planning, is now available via the App Store with the SwiftPik app for iPhone and iPad.

    SwiftPik works with Pipkins’ premise and hosted WFM suites to increase flexibility and mobility for planners, contact centre staff and home workers. Key features include:

    Advanced Time Clock: Agents, back office staff and off-site workers can use our advanced time clock to clock in and clock out, as well as log start and end times of tasks they perform, as they perform them.

    Send Alerts: Workers can send alerts notifying their supervisor of a schedule disruption such as a late arrival due to being stuck in traffic or being unable to work due to a sick child, etc. At-home agents can also send alerts when they lose internet access and/or VOIP service.

    Scheduling Power: In version 1.0, agents, back office staff and off-site workers can view their own schedules. In the future, workers will also be able to set their own schedules within parameters set by their workforce manager.

    Vacation Planner: Workers can use the Pipkins Vacation Planner to submit their vacation requests and then check status of their requests from anywhere at anytime.

    Pipkins has been offering workforce management solutions since 1983, with smartphone access as early as 2008.

    Pipkins says SwiftPik for iOS ‘represents the next stage in the evolution of Mobile Workforce Management’.

    SwiftPik for Android is planned to follow shortly.



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