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  • 10 Free Contact Centre Homeworking Technology Health Checks To Be Won

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    What’s been your biggest contact centre work-from-home (WFH) technology challenge during lockdown?   

    For many organisations, it’s been getting homeworkers connected to office comms and data systems. For others, it’s been data security and compliance.  Other common technology challenges have involved recruitment and on-boarding, resource scheduling, communications and general management.

    What organisations have rapidly discovered is that what works in the office doesnt necessarily do so for homeworkers.  Many popular workforce scheduling packages, for example, don’t support homeworker shift self-scheduling, an essential ingredient in successful homeworking for large contact centre and back office teams. 

    Many industry-leading communication/collaboration solutions too, while ideal for the office, are not effective at supporting WFH workflows, while their UI/UX constraints create challenges that can actually fragment a hybrid workplace.  Whats required for WFH are comms solutions that give everyone equal information, attention and care…so all work colleagues are together as equal citizens, keeping them informed, coordinated and synchronised. Not fulfilling these needs can degrade CX, and worse, damage employee well-being. 

    Are you interested in a free Contact Centre Homeworking Technology Health Check?  Sensee’s consultants have over 16 years experience in setting up WFH operations and will provide a free 2 hour consultation to the first 10 organisations to apply for a free homeworking health check.  Just email us at marketing@sensee.co.uk to apply.



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