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  • 4 reasons you need live chat today

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    The implementation of live chat, chatbots and virtual assistants has grown exponentially.

    In fact, it has become the most popular channel for adults, with 75% saying they prefer queries to be handled via live chat.

    We, at giosg, have put together a few key reasons why you should implement live chat today:


    Live chat enables operators to deal with many customers at one time – with agents handling up to 7 chat conversations at one time. This not only increases the amount of tickets processed simultaneously, but also cuts down customer waiting time, a win-win situation for agents and customers. Using pre-written answers or canned answers based on most commonly asked questions help Using live chat gives you an additional channel that is five times more efficient than traditional customer service channels, which leads us to our next point…

    Boost sales and reduce costs

    By making operators more efficient (as mentioned above), live chat minimises variable costs. Also, as a contact centre, adding this new channel to your offering means the possibility to provide another service for your clients – creating a new revenue stream for you and subsequently keeping your clients happy. Not to mention, providing a true omnichannel experiencewill help boost your clients’ revenue and in turn your contribution margin.

    Cater to the customer

    AI is the talk of the town and when it comes to live chat, it’s the thing ensuring that you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. In particular, AI-powered chat such as giosg Target, optimises the actions you take when interacting with customers by analysing online behavioural patterns. This means, that live chat would only pop-up for customers who actually need it and benefit from it. 

    Easily integrable 

    Integrating a new system can feel like a daunting project – we know it’s no fun! However, with giosg integration into your current infrastructure is done seamlessly. In most cases, we can have live chat up and running on your website within a day. Still concerned that once in place, you or your business won’t have the know-how or internal resources to manage it? That needn’t be a worry – the interface is intuitive and very easy to use. More importantly, we offer training and support to help your team.

    Get more insight about expanding customer service channels and why to implement an omnichannel strategy here. 


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