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  • CASE STUDY: Jabra Engage 50 and Twilio Flex take customer service at Moneypenny to the next level

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    In the latest instalment of our Case Studies series, we look at some of the massive benefits that the Jabra Engage 50 and Twilio Flex has provided Moneypenny, a customer service business that handles 15m calls and chats annually on behalf of clients…

    Moneypenny wanted to move from desk phones to softphones using Twilio Flex, an open, cloud-based contact center platform. This would enable integration with other intelligent solutions and be easier and faster to scale.

    Alyce Green, Product Owner at Moneypenny, explained: “We strive to deliver the best customer experience, through crystal clear voice conversations at every interaction, so choosing the best headset was vital.”

    Jabra Engage 50 became top in testing

    Moneypenny tested a range of different headsets to see which solution performed best for enhancing call quality and avoiding interruptions from colleagues, while ensuring seamless integration with Twilio Flex.

    Oliver Kelly, Head of Technical Architecture, said: “We chose the
    Jabra Engage 50 because of the superior sound and easy integration with Twilio Flex. This headset was also preferred by our receptionists because not only was the sound clearer, but it is also very comfortable, lightweight, and easy to adjust – which is important when you need to wear it for many hours every day.”

    The Jabra Engage 50 seamlessly integrates with Twilio Flex

    Kelly continued, “The free, open Jabra Software Developer Kit (SDK) works across operating systems, enabling Moneypenny to seamlessly integrate Jabra Engage 50 into our platform, with great support from Jabra. Our receptionists now work on a fully integrated platform powered by superior sound, which improves the experience for both customers and receptionists.”

    Customized status lights reduce interruptions

    The colored status lights on the Jabra Engage 50 give an overview of the status of the teams for reporting purposes. The status lights are visible on the headset earcup and also display within the Twilio Flex system, and enable the receptionists to easily change their status.

    Using the open Jabra SDK, Moneypenny were able to customize the status light colors to meet their business needs.

    Sidetone feature reduces noise

    The Jabra Engage 50 is being rolled out across the contact center. The teams who are already using the new headset have noticed that their areas of the contact center are noticeably quieter, as the sidetone feature enables the receptionists to clearly hear their own voices, so there is no need to talk more loudly during customer calls. The superior noise cancelling microphone also ensures that customers hear only the receptionist’s voice, loud and clear, with zero background noise.

    Enhancing the customer experience

    Emily Griffiths, Team Leader, commented: “Our receptionists really enjoy using the new Jabra Engage 50 headsets, and they’re helping to enhance the experience for our clients.”

    Future plans

    Moneypenny are continuing the roll out of Jabra Engage 50 and Twilio Flex across their UK & US teams. Next steps are to work with Jabra to evaluate some of the Jabra Engage 50 software capabilities, such as background noise measurement and simple speech analytics, to assess how this data could be used to further enhance customer satisfaction.

    To download a full version of this Case Study, click below.


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