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  • GUEST BLOG: From reactive to predictive – The AI-driven service revolution

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    By Salesforce

    Imagine you run a busy Manchester hotel. Your elevators carry hundreds of guests up and down every day.

    Unexpectedly, a maintenance engineer turns up. The manufacturer’s AI sensed an abnormality in your equipment and triggered a case in their field service management software. They fix it before anything actually goes wrong.

    This is the future of service. Smart, connected, and proactive – or in this case, predictive.

    With the arrival of Industry 4.0 and advanced data science, businesses have powerful new tools to transform the customer experience. Powered by the IoT, AI, and cloud computing, B2B companies that make physical products can proactively monitor and analyse performance out in the field – then deliver a service that adds value throughout the product’s lifecycle.

    Take Kuka Robotics, who use Salesforce IoTCloud and telematics data from their smart factory robots to identify and resolve pressure and torque issues before they impact productivity. Or Coca-Cola’s B2B teams, using AI, IoT and the Salesforce platform to anticipate product faults and support Sales to sell the right products to the right customers.

    Likewise, drinks bottler Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) uses Service Cloud to connect and accelerate service cases with complete business visibility, from the call centre agent to the service technician in the field.

    But as great as a connected customer view is for improving a service team’s productivity, the real secret sauce comes from AI: the ability to detect, analyse and signal the location and cause of a fault – fixing it before anyone notices something’s wrong.

    Ready to make the move from reactive to proactive service? Keep in mind AI is only as smart as the data you feed it.

    Read the full blog post to find out how to get predictive service right: https://www.salesforce.com/uk/blog/2018/09/from-reactive-to-predictive-the-ai-driven-service-revolution.html


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