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  • GUEST BLOG: How to deliver great customer experiences without the hype, politics or drama

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    2018 is not quite half way and already this year has many of us concerned about what the future might hold, with the UK’s Brexit date less than a year away. The volatile political events during 2016 has set the scene, ‘dominoing’ into 2018. And many UK businesses are operating in ‘limbo’ – not wanting to make any drastic changes to processes, staff or technologies –  waiting to see the what impact and lead up to Brexit might have on the future of their business.

    Another dominating topic in 2018 is AI. Like political ructions, new technology can create fear, uncertainty, and doubt, until we understand it better. But unlike politics, were we can choose who we support, or whether to cast or vote or not, we are parading inescapably into a new generation of digitally enabled customer experiences and there is no turning back.

    Waiting to invest in new customer engagement technology, could put you well behind the curve to compete within the digital future.

    Fake News

    Some leading organisations are already masters in this new world, already using AI to great effect or are actively planning for it. But most organisations still find it difficult to imagine how AI with its hype and science fiction drama can bridge the gaps between a customer’s diverse interaction points to help improve their journey and experience with services and answers they need.

    If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you understand that consistently satisfying customer service is increasingly important as customer expectations are adapting and growing just as rapidly as the channels and technology consumers are now empowered to engage with.

    Being open to new paths of communication, such as Virtual Agent technology, can up the personalisation and customer engagement stakes. Unlike the uncertain outcome of the UK general election and its repercussions, Virtual Agents, when deployed correctly, with a set of specific goals, can generate leads, increase sales, and grow a business in a big way, and this is only the beginning. However, just because Virtual Agents are part of the hottest topic of 2018, this does not necessarily mean it will be the right fit for everyone.


    Self-service has become the long-term solution to meeting customer expectations. In a global report, ‘The Self-service Economy’, 70% of consumers expect a self-service option for handling commercial questions and complaints. And millennials especially expect companies to keep improving their levels of service, expecting everything to be just a click away – their social relationships, their retail relationships, even their banking and insurance relationships.

    This isn’t a manifesto to try to convince you to invest in Virtual Agent technology, but rather to highlight how it can align with wider business objectives.

    These free guides offer practical advice about investing in AI powered bots amongst other contact centre technology and how best to utilise these channels to deliver optimum return on investment.


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