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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Capgemini Odigo – Delivering seamless customer engagements

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    We live in a world of innovation and a wealth of insights about our customers, the holy grail for many companies is to deliver frictionless engagements for customers but, this is proving to be an elusive end goal for many.

    With the realities of web, mobile, social media and the Internet of Things (IoT), companies are experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of contact points customers now wish to use. Depending on the emotional position and goal, they may use different channels to do different things and may need to move between channels in a frictionless manner to complete a single engagement.

    Meanwhile, cost reduction, flexibility, time to market and efficiency have become companies’ main concerns in maintaining competitiveness. So how do we balance the equation?

    Odigo omni-channel engagement hub

    Odigo is a cloud native SaaS platform, designed to enable organisations to achieve an omni-channel, frictionless engagement with their clients. The solution works across inbound and outbound voice and digital channels, seamlessly integrating a customers’ journey with significant flexibility.

    In essence, you create an architecture of engagement that is able to accommodate the most arduous of client interactions.

    Odigo allows you, to not only design journeys to match and exceed the best brands in the market, but to also drive agent empowerment through a single UX, that integrates all the information required to resolve enquiries, carrying context across channels and offering AI and NLP technologies to enhance decisioning.


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