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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Northern Ireland Customer Services

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    Northern Ireland has a track record of investment and reinvestment in the services sector over the last 20 years, growing from a small number of indigenous firms to nearly 40 international companies in customer services, shared services and IT services.

    Almost 75% of new investors in Northern Ireland reinvest – an incredible achievement for a region with a population of only 1.8m.

    Since 2000, Northern Ireland has attracted many international brands ranging from large BPO names such as Capita, Concentrix, Teleperformance, Firstsource and Convergys to customer service centres for large financial institutions such as Lloyds, Santander, BNP Paribas and Danske Bank.

    The region delivers a wide range of customer service activities including technical advice, sales and customer support across a broad variety of industries servicing a global customer base.

    One of the reasons for companies’ repeated investment and reinvestment is the talent pool. Investor constantly cite the quality and talent of our workforce as Northern Ireland has an agile, educated talent pool – a key attractor.

    As a region we boast a motivated and highly qualified workforce with one of the youngest populations in Europe. In customer services especially, staff are also recognised for their soft skills such as empathy and problem solving. Our students consistently excel in our GCSE and A-levels results measured against other UK regions and our two universities provide a great pool of talented graduates.

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