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  • NICE unveils NTR-X for financial services

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    NICE has introduced NTR-X, a fully integrated, cloud-ready omnichannel compliance recording and assurance solution.

    Building on NICE Trading Recording, NTR-X captures all modalities of regulated employee communications – traditional, unified and mobile – in a single platform.

    Offering a consolidated, centralized approach to managing recording estates and footprints, NICE’s NTR-X can be deployed globally while still enabling firms to adhere to local capture and storage requirements. Offering financial services firms the benefit of a central vantage point into all global regulated users and communications, NICE’s NTR-X reduces regulatory risk, removing maintenance hurdles and reducing the need for costly, dedicated, local IT resources.

    Two top 10 global investment financial institutions that have already selected NICE’s NTR-X, cited its higher performance, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), smaller footprint, and its ability to simplify and centralize management of their global recording requirements.

    Anna Griem, Senior Analyst, Opimasa leading capital markets consulting firm, said: “Although the rest of the world has changed, trade-related recording obligations have not. Firms are adjusting to monitor their workforces, which are now often remote. Now more than ever, firms are demanding a lot from their communications recording solutions, especially in terms of the channels they are able to cover, the flexibility of deployment options, and the option to roll out improvements and new services easily across their user base.”

    Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE, added: “As the environments in which financial services and energy trading firms operate become inherently more risky, costly and complex, NICE’s passion for innovation has led us to create a one-of-a-kind compliance recording and assurance solution, offering simplified compliance for a complex world. Regardless of the communication modalities regulated employees use or where they work from, firms can cost-effectively manage their entire global recording footprint to increase compliance with key regulations. NTR-X also provides a seamless upgrade path for current NICETrading Recording (NTR) customers and a proven cloud-ready platform that speeds future migration.”


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