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    Established over 15 years ago, Mediahawk is at the forefront of call tracking analytics and attribution.

    Call tracking allows your business to make data-driven decisions to optimise marketing and advertising investments; improve conversions and reduce spend; improve the customer journey and uncover opportunities for business growth.

    Call tracking and attribution is the ability to link marketing activity directly to a phone call. Correctly attributing these together is key to getting a proper return on investment.

    In a digital environment, it’s easy to measure and link the sources that drive live chat and form completions. With phone calls however, this is not the case. The challenge is that there’s a disconnect between the call and the demand generating activity, making it difficult to measure.

    The solution is to use a mixture of static and dynamic phone numbers to see what activity works – and what doesn’t, to feed into a programme of continual improvement.

    Static numbers are used to track typically offline marketing, such as flyers, printed adverts or brochures. Dynamic numbers work online and provide each visitor to your website a unique telephone number. This number works like a cookie, tracking visitor behaviour in the same way as other calls to action. Using dynamic numbers from Mediahawk provides you with insight into intelligence such as sources, pages or keywords driving calls, and more.

    Using a combination of static and dynamic numbers will give you deep insight into which areas of your marketing mix are taking your business forward and where you’re getting the best marketing return – invaluable in any competitive marketplace.



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