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  • RECOMMENDED: Cirrus – The CCaaS solution that makes managing contact effortless

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    At Cirrus we take the technology headache out of day-to-day contact centre operations, helping you take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the latest omni-channel features, and manage your GDPR responsibilities.

    Cirrus is the CCaaS solution that makes managing contact effortless; saving you both money and time. In fact, it works so well, you can forget about the technology and focus on delivering real results for your business and your customers. We can help you leverage the best AI solution available to deliver an awesome experience for your customers; getting better results for less cost. At the point you want to introduce agents into the customer journey, Cirrus then brings contact from voice, email, chat, SMS, video, social, Messenger, WhatsApp, app store reviews, YouTube and more into a simple view that your advisors will love. 85% of customers only need 30 minutes to train their advisors on using Cirrus.

    Although Cirrus is easy to use, it’s incredibly capable. You can rest assured with our 99.999% uptime guarantee – underpinned by technology that utilises 3 different sites that work simultaneously delivering a 60 second Recovery Time Objective (RTO) promise. You can easily integrate with your systems using our suite of API’s and it’s all backed up with best-in-class security.

    Cirrus Omni-Channel:
    The most complete omni-channel contact solution, integrating over 30 app types, Cirrus Omni-Channel makes it possible to manage every digital customer contact point via a single unified desktop. Cirrus Omni-Channel lets your customers communicate with you in the way that they want, when they want, delivering an effortless and personalised customer experience every time.

    Cirrus Artificial Intelligence:
    Meet Ami, Love Ami. As ‘the hardest-working agent in your contact centre’, Ami uses AI to provide customers with the information they need, helps sales teams qualify leads, and learns more about your industry and customers with every conversation. A powerful Artificial Intelligence platform, Ami will transform how you engage with your customers. She might not be real, but there is nothing artificial about her intelligence.


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