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Fast call centre analytics ‘vital’ in the new WFH normal

960 640 Stuart O'Brien

The immediate provision of accurate speech analytics is becoming increasingly vital as contact centres increasingly look to maintain work from home (WFH) operational models.

That’s the view of leading call centre solution provider Avoira, which is anticipating heightened interest in the technology from delegates attending the virtual Contact Centre & Customer Service Summit.

The company reports managers are finding that the interactive nature of a sophisticated real-time analytics solution not only enables more effective call outcomes, but enhances employee engagement.

Speaking ahead of the Summit, Steve Watts, Avoira’s head of sales, said: “With team leaders and managers having lost the Captain’s Chair view of what’s happening minute-to-minute,  real-time analytics are even more important and compelling.

“As a result contact centre directors and heads of innovation are now taking a closer look at the sophisticated tools they might deploy to ensure productivity and service standards are maintained as the novelty of homeworking wears off.”

He adds that capturing real-time traffic not just within a centralised centre but across a remote working network, remains a challenge for all but the most potent speech analytic solutions.

As such Watts is expecting heightened interest at the Summit in the AI powered voice analytics solution which Avoira is set to showcase.

The cloud-based Xdroid solution is a rarity – arguably unique – in delivering real-time analytics of both voice and text communications. It automatically records and analyses all calls and monitors customer experience, compliance and the performance of individual agents, wherever they are working.

The powerful solution can detect and range of emotions, reporting on whether customers are displaying displeasure, uncertainty, disappointment or happiness. Based on analysis of dialogue, it provides on-screen prompts which can steer an agent to engage in specific actions – such as up-selling or making a compensatory gesture – at the time most likely to yield a positive response.

A formidable customer service tool, the technology claims to deliver an increased client retention rate of 30% and an inbound sales uplift of 14%.

It can also increase agent retention and reduce breaches which can result in legal or regulatory actions.

“It’s not just regulatory and legal compliance with which our solution can assist, but in ensuring employees, wherever they are, continue to subscribe to and share the organisation’s ethos,” says Watts. “By providing tools with which to help an agents job be performed more easily and effectively, it also helps them feel valued.”

FREE EBOOK: Managing Contact Centre Homeworkers – 20 Quick Tips

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Being a home worker will give you (as a Manager) a different and better perspective on the unique issues and pressures facing colleagues.
That said, are you finding it difficult to support your remote teams? Unsure how to motivate and boost work-at-home productivity? Or are you struggling with information security and compliance?
The new eBook from Sensee will teach you how to get on top of these and many other remote management issues.
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ContactOne help Bierce Surveying rapidly transition to home working, without loss of functionality

960 640 Stuart O'Brien

With the recent outbreak of CoVID-19, and the need to protect staff, many businesses whose employees can work from home have been forced to implement, often untested, home working plans in substantially reduced timelines.

Bierce Surveying was faced with this challenge, having to transition all office employees to home working as fast as possible, including the call handlers within the multi-channel contact centre. The Digi Desk product is a cloud-based solution which is accessed by the user through an internet browser. All the user/s needs are a laptop or desktop computer an internet telephone or soft phone, which runs on the la top or desktop computer and a reliable broadband connection.

Nicholas Ainger, Bierce Surveying’s Managing Director, commented: “ContactOne rapidly reacted, initially offering comprehensive advice on how to configure the home working environment and subsequently working with us to move all of our staff to home working. This included the back-office team who were just using telephone extensions and the call centre Digi Desk users. Considering we had no homeworkers or experience, it was surprising how quickly we adapted to this, knowing that we are protecting our workforce as well as continuing to operate a good quality and professional service. All our inbound callers do not know we are working from home, which is a strong testament to the technology and partnership we have with ContactOne. Furthermore, our contact centre supervisors can visually see, in real-time, exactly what’s happening and, if necessary, listen in to calls to help agents as required.”

The Digi Desk contact centre solution that Bierce Surveying uses is a cloud-based service that utilises VoIP technology; it has been designed to natively support both office environments and any type of agile or home working; all that is needed is a reliable broadband connection. Fortunately all of Bierce Surveying’s employees, like many others around the country, all had reliable broadband, so the process was as simple as the agent taking home their desktop PC, monitor (or laptop) and phone, and then setting them up at home. With this approach Agents and back-office staff alike continue to work in the same way, with the same equipment and software meaning that everyone was up and running within an hour of getting home. Some as quickly as 10 minutes. This approach ensured customer/caller user experience remains unchanged, with end customers unable to distinguish between home workers and office workers. It also ensured rapid deployment and access as neither Agents, Supervisors nor Back Office staff needed any re-training.

One of the major operational benefits the management team has is the management information (MI) available, which covers every aspect of customer interaction, agent performance and key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the business. This enabled the senior management to understand how the current situation was impacting the contact centre in real-time as it unfolded.

Supervisors were able to manage the agents effectively as the supervisor wall boards show, in real-time agent statuses, whilst remote call monitoring enabled supervisors to eavesdrop on calls and whisper, helping less experienced agents to handle the more challenging calls, a key support mechanism for home working agents. As there is no limit on the number of wallboards that can be used, Bierce Surveying were able to quickly configure additional wallboards to meet the evolving needs, such as real-time call volumes by partner.

“As some of our partners who were less prepared than ourselves decided to close their offices, we were able, with the help of ContactOne, to instantly create additional voice routes into our now home worker base and assist them in maintaining their customer facing presence”, Nicholas added, “this enabled us to continue to offer an exemplary service to both our partners and their customers.”

Bierce Surveying Ltd provides a range of services to support energy saving/monitoring initiatives, surveying, property marketing, risk assessments and certified quality audits. They do this through several partnerships and some of the fuel poverty outreach schemes are monitored and audited by the energy watchdog OFGEM. ContactOne and Bierce Surveying have been working together for over 18 months. Bierce Surveying uses ContactOne’s Digi Desk cloud based multi-media contact centre platform. It allows Bierce Surveying to seamlessly work with their different partners using branding optimised for that partner. At a glance, agents can see which partner is contacting them, what the customer call is in relation to and deal with this interaction in the most efficient way. A key benefit to agents is that they can also see when the customer has contacted Bierce Surveying in the past across all the implemented channels.

To find out more on how the multi-channel Digi Desk solution works or if you would just like some advice on your current technology set up or working practises please call the ContactOne team on 0330 880 4444.