• Artificial Intelligence tops 2018 contact centre buying trends

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    Artificial intelligence, multichannel communications and web self-service/web chat top the list of solutions the UK’s leading call centre professionals are sourcing in 2018.

    The findings have been revealed by the Call Centre & Customer Services Summit after delegates attending the event were asked which areas they needed to invest in during 2018 and beyond.

    39% were looking to invest in AI, with 37% sourcing Multi-Channel Communications/Integration solutions. Just behind were Web Self Service / Web Chat, Call Centre Technology and products that offer a Single View of the Customer.

    “It’s no surprise that AI tops the list of areas our delegates were most interested in,” said Call Centre & Customer Services Summit Event Manager Gayle Buckland. “But the full table provides a valuable insight into trends within the customer service sector.”

    % of delegates at the Call Centre & Customer Services Summit sourcing certain products & solutions (Top 10):

    Artificial Intelligence – 39%
    Multi-Channel Communications/Integration – 37%
    Web Self Service / Web Chat – 37%
    Call Centre Technology – 35%
    Single View of the Customer – 33%
    Social Media – 33%
    Agent Coaching and Monitoring – 31%
    Analytics – 31%
    Virtual Call/Contact Centres – 31%
    Display Boards – 30%

    To find out more about the Call Centre & Customer Services Summit, visit www.contactcentresummit.co.uk.


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