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    Described by its director, Andrew Mishalove as a community for professionals to work ‘collectively to help each other achieve positive outcomes’, Engagement Optimization (EO) – developed by the contact centre enterprise solutions provider, CallMiner Eureka – is a platform for call centre and customer care professionals to proactively communicate on the best tools and practices to incorporate in customer journey strategies.

    Open to relevant industry professionals around the world, the concept of the free online platform is for decision makers to network and join discussion boards on topical issues, such as; key performance indicators (KPIs), handling customer complaints, the popularity of omnichanel solutions and the introduction of new software developments.

    Coupled with informative webinars and short video blogs, EO also provides a number of opportunities for professionals to learn from the recommended content based on a user’s activity, as well as a chance to keep up-to-date with various international industry events.

    Vice president, marketing, Scott Kendrick, details the reason behind the creation of EO and the challenge for contact centres to manage the demands of an effective customer journey: “This creates a huge challenge for vendors as they attempt to transition from a contact centre with siloed channels of communication, to a customer engagement centre. In terms of analytics, transparency and what is happening within customer engagements and across the customer journey is paramount, introducing additional challenges for vendors. Now more than ever is a need to work together as a community of customer care professionals to navigate this sea of change.”

    EO has also declared its support of the #WorkingOutLoud campaign, created by John Stepper, and is an initiative created for professionals to openly share knowledge in a ‘narrative and observable’ way and, ultimately, achieve greater trust among peers.

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